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Text Analysis, Voice and Speech Processing

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Instead of inventing new needs for you, we produce solutions that will eliminate your problems and add value to your brand

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We use lower hardware for our Products and Solutions and protect you from OS and Database license costs

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We perform the most accurate analysis with our high accuracy sound processing results and automatically report for you


VoxLibe - Speech Analytics

Voxlibe is designed to develop voice technologies with the capabilities of speech recognition, text-to-speech conversion, speaker recognition, speaker verification and speaker diarization using machine learning. Our project, which appeals to many sectors, especially call centers, where voice and text analytics applications are used, enables unstructured raw data to be blended with technology and transformed into structured meaningful data, and then by making comprehensive analysis of these data, it activates decision-making mechanisms and transforms them into applications

VoxLibe - Total Recorder

We record every call in your call center and store it with whichever format you decide. Voxlibe recorder can integrate with Genesys, ININ, AVAYA, Alcatel, Asterisk and other switchboard systems for you and ensure that the meta information of the calls is indexed with the calls



We believe that real innovation comes from applying high-tech solutions to real business problems. As Unius, our mission is to provide our customers with exciting, game-changing software products that will create competitive advantage and increase their business growth through creative design and development.


We want to be known as a reliable, innovative and user-friendly software service provider. We know customer growth is our growth, so we will dedicate ourselves to helping our customers achieve their business goals. We will achieve this through competitive prices and the most agile answers to needs. We intend to be remembered as a dynamic organization where openness, trust, teamwork, simplicity and innovation are valued and encouraged.

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